An asset providing the right to use property under a lease agreement. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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leasehold lease‧hold [ˈliːshəʊld ǁ -hoʊld] adjective LAW PROPERTY
leasehold land, buildings etc can be used by someone for as long as is stated in a lease:

• Due to internal reorganization, the company has recently vacated one of its leasehold buildings.

— leasehold noun [countable, uncountable] :

• The profits also reflect the $2 million gain on the sale of a leasehold.

— compare freehold

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leasehold UK US /ˈliːshəʊld/ US  /-hoʊld/ noun [C or U] LAW, PROPERTY
the right to live in or use a building, piece of land, etc. for a particular period of time as agreed in a lease: »

He has bought the long leasehold on a 100,000 square foot listed building.

buy/hold/sell the leasehold »

The company sold the leasehold of the site for £340,000 last month.

Compare FREEHOLD(Cf. ↑freehold) noun
leasehold UK US /ˈliːshəʊld/ adjective LAW, PROPERTY
leasehold property is used for a particular period of time as agreed in a lease: »

Most retirement properties are leasehold.


a leasehold agreement/flat

leasehold adverb

Most of the properties are sold leasehold.

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